Look to Learn

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A motivating and fun way to get started with eye gaze technology including over 40 activities.

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The fun way to get started with eye gaze

With over 40 specially created activities, Look to Learn is a motivating and fun way to get started with eye gaze technology. Every activity has been developed in consultation with teachers and therapists to improve access and choice making skills.

Download the free trial now to try out three of the activities.

Five Areas of Learning

  • The 40 activities are split over five key areas.
  • Sensory – Designed to teach cause and effect
  • Explore – Encourages the user to engage with the whole screen
  • Target – Helps improve accuracy of eye gaze access
  • Choose – Develops choice making skills
  • Control – Fine tunes eye gaze access

Customised For You

Get creative and load in your favourite images and videos to make the activities your own.

Analysis and Assessment

The built in analysis tool to show where somebody has looked on the screen during an activity in the form of a heat map. These heat maps can be saved, printed and used to measure progress and record successes. You can also assess eye tracking, targeting and choice making skills.