Dwell Clicker

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An easy way to use your pointing device to interact with your PC

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Dwell Clicker 2 is a Windows application that allows you to use a mouse or other pointing device without clicking buttons. It is ideal for people with RSI and people who use alternative pointing devices such as a headpointer or joystick.

Dwell Clicker features

Dwell Clicking

Dwell Clicker allows you to use you mouse, or any other pointing device without clicking.

Visual dwell display

During a dwell, the progress is shown with a circular progress bar

Target snapping

Dwell Clicker will automatically snap the mouse cursor to object that can be clicked on.

Click lock

Let’s you do the same click repeatedly, for multiple similar actions in a row


Dwell Clicker is a lightweight Windows program and works on Windows 7, 8 and 10.