Super Core Communication book


A comprehensive low tech adaptation of Super Core with over 2,000 words organised in a consistent and meaningful way.


Ready to use out of the box

Based on the hugely popular Super Core grid sets, our communication book is a paper-based adaptation of the high tech vocabulary.

Hard-wearing and portable, the book is designed to give users access to language when an electronic device may not be suitable or available.


Key features

  • Over 2,000 words at your fingertips
  • Always available core vocabulary
  • Easy to add and remove topics
  • Colour-coded and numbered tabs for easy navigation
  • Tear and water resistant paper
  • Built with Widgit symbols

Who is it for?

The book is designed for children who use AAC to communicate, including those who are:

  • Starting out with symbol communication
  • Exploring more comprehensive vocabulary
  • Using Partner Assisted Scanning (PAS)

Easy to customise

The book is split into three clear sections. This simplifies navigation and allows you to personalise the vocabulary.

Core vocabulary
These useful words make up 80% of the phrases and sentences we speak

Daily and Play activities encourage AAC to be used all day, every day!

Each topic is organised to help learners quickly find the words they need

Core vocabulary that is always available

A Mini Core page at the back of the book is always visible, with words arranged in horizontal blocks which match the vertical columns on the top page.

This makes it easier to use the Mini Core with Partner Assisted Scanning (PAS).


Super Core focuses on learning language through functional and motivating activities, with words repeated across grids to support learning in a range of contexts and scenarios. Where possible, if a word appears in it will be located in the same place.

The core vocabulary uses a modified Fitzgerald key layout and colour coding, to organise the different parts of speech and help learners find the words they need to build their sentences. Words are also grouped together semantically, to help children find the words they need by meaning. You can read more about this in our Getting Started guide.